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"This book is a gem. I highly recommend it!" Joe Vitale, star of “The Secret

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The intention is to give an insight to guide your life, your week, your day. Regular support is so important to keep on track, activate your your Soul Memory, increase your wealth vibe and keep your focus consistent to build a life around you that is Divine and abundant!

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Did you know you are Already Rich? Indeed you are!

Magnet Wealth AffirmationsWhy? Because the field of abundance is all around you, within you... it IS you! All possibilities exist in this very moment! To live the wealthy life that is your natural state, tune your energy and focus to the wealth you desire. Learn to tune your vibration to one of wealth! Attract wealth by focusing your energy, empowering your vision and magnetizing it to you! Nan Akasha will show you how to turn up the volume on your wealth vibe and use these Magnetic Wealth Affirmations to reveal the riches all around you!

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Book Description

THE Spiritual Money Attraction Guide. A manifestation guide for YOU, if you are ready to honor your Divine purpose and allow your natural state of wealth be your reality now. Attract wealth by learning to use your mind, focus your energy, empower your vision and magnetize it to you! Regain inner peace, a sense of control and personal empowerment, this book is a path back
to self confidence and joyful wealth.

        • Secret Keys to Master Your Money Mind
        • Find your money blocks and clear them
        • Create a new, powerful relationship with money
        • The Manifestation Equation
        • Wealth Mindset tips: Install a Wealthy Mindset
        • Magnetic Processes: Manifest at greater speed
        • 200+ Magnetic Affirmations & how to use
        • Tap into the Field of Abundance:tune your Wealth Vibe
        • Heart Generator Process
        • Inspire Money to run to you
        • Paperback: 274 pages

Nan Invites you to Free Your Mind

Nan AkashaImagine a sea, a beautiful blue ocean, and it is the vibration of wealth... you are floating in it, buoyed up by it. There is wealth vibes as far as you can see in every direction. As you float, safe and happy, the sun shining on your face, you feel deep inner peace and joy... you know you are supported and held by this massive sea of wealth energy. As far as you can see in any direction the blue ocean of wealth extends, there is no end to it.

This is literally reality. You exist within, and are permeated by, the field of Abundance..... an unending sea of energy, ready and waiting to BE whatever you desire! You have access to a limitless supply of raw material to create whatever you want, including all the wealth you desire! Really! So, this is not hype, happy thinking and 'let's all hold hands and hope we get rich" stuff... this is fact, science and reality!

Do you feel you are able to manifest wealth when you desire it? Do you feel at ease with money, income and cash flow? Do you trust within you that you are always provided for?


Do your dreams feel far away and seemingly impossible to achieve? Do you feel like your life has passed you by and you may never have the wealth that will make your dreams a possibility?

So many people I talk to, coach and teach feel lost, sad, and full of regrets. Feel like their dreams have faded to dust because they can never seem to get money to come to them in a consistent and abundant way. Many people today feel lost and scared, unsure of their future and in fear of not having enough income to survive. Most of all I find people feel confused, frustrated and even angry. Where is the money? Why won't it come to them? Many wonder what is blocking me? What do I do to prosper?

Well hang on to your hat, that is all about to change!

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Joe VitaleI have known Nan for years and thoroughly enjoyed reading "Already Rich;
Secrets to Master Your Money Mind". Nan's heart and sincere desire to reveal
the true path to riches jumps off each page. Rich with affirmations, full of
profound insights and practical strategies, this book is a gem. I highly
recommend it!

Joe Vitale, author "Attract Money Now" and "Zero Limits"

Christopher SherrodAs the founder of AbundanceUnlimited.com. I get a lot of books across my desk asking for an endorsement. Nan Akasha's "Secrets To Master Your Money Mind" is a book I highly endorse. I received the very first copy and dove right into it. It is exactly what people need in the current economic climate. Nothing is more important than your mindset and your money mindset influences so much of your life. This book is what's needed by people that are struggling and stressed out about money. It has more than powerful affirmations (which it has tons of), Nan's Manifesting Formula and meditation alone will help to identify your money blocks and gives you the tools to shift your money vibrations.

Christopher Sherrod
, Author of "PlayProsperityGames.com” and founder of AbundanceUnlimited.com

Rhonda RyderAlready Rich is a hypnotic, transformational experience in the disguise of a book. It transforms you on a cellular level as you read each page, which is sprinkled with powerful affirmations. I can literally feel the energy bursting from each paragraph and into my psyche.Great job, Nan!

Rhonda Ryder, Found of KidsAwakening.com

Heather PickenNan's Magnetic Wealth Affirmation book is the exact thing that people need to read right now who are struggling and stressed out about money. It's more than just powerful affirmations this book really allows you to identify what your money blocks are while giving you the tools you can use to shift your money vibe instantly into attraction mode.

Heather Picken, "The Spirit Trainer", Best selling author, Spiritual Life Coach,Hypnotherapist, and founder of the Quantum Entrepreneur Program. TheSpiritTrainer.com

Jillian Coleman WheelerNan Akasha’s new book, Already Rich: Secrets To Master Your Money Mind, will transform your relationship with money. You'll find affirmations that will touch you at a deep level, and each section reveals hidden principles of wealth. The book also offers stories of Nan's own journey to prosperity and freedom. Above all, each page radiates the enthusiasm, positive energy, and love that has already attracted so many to Nan Akasha's work.

Jillian Coleman Wheeler
, coauthor with Joe Vitale "Your Internet Cash Machine" and GrantMeRich.com

Dr. Joe Rubino"Nan Akasha’s ‘Already Rich’ will expand your consciousness around how you can tap into the great riches that surround us and await u s all. If you are not abundant or living in extreme opulence where money is no object, you likely have some deep seated issues around money. Are you doing endless good with the knowledge that there is an unending supply of wealth ready for each of us to tap into? No? Then get Nan's book"

Dr. Joe Rubino Founder, CenterForPersonalReinvention.com, Author, TheSelfEsteemBook.com

Nina Wallinder"The more I read your book, the more I realized it wasn't a simple motivational tool and that you have the depth behind your work that can motivate people. My thought is that your experiences make it very real and reachable for people who feel like they have a 'missing link' when it comes to generating personal wealth. I thoroughly enjoyed having you on my 'Spirit & Energy' tele seminar series. Thank you for being present for our listeners. You were right with me! For that I am so grateful, thank you."

Nina Wallinder layersofhealth.com

Rosanna Ienco"Nan Akasha's book "Already Rich" is a step-by-step guidebook that will
help you gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with money. Not
only will it give you all the tools you will need to live an Abundant life,
it will also show you exactly how to unlock the gate to Financial Freedom"

Rosanna Ienco, Award-Winning Author of Awakening the Divine Soul - Finding
Your Life Purpose. www.rosannaienco.com

"Right now I am devouring your book. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Ethel Jackson

I really am enjoying your book and the audios that you provided me access to. You have a lovely voice, and it's obvious from your work that you are sincerely committed to improving the vibration of this beloved planet. Keep up the great work.

Best regards,

Are you ready to open the door to your wealth?

My Mission

To transform the world through Wealth Consciousness.

A wealthy world full of empowered, joyful people with a Wealth Mindset, who
know how to tune their Wealth Vibe to their true inner purpose and live in
Authentic Wealth.

Rich blessings, Nan

“Free your mind and the wealth will follow”

Wealth is your natural state. You are meant to BE Wealthy... in fact by NOT Being Wealthy, you are not aligned with your true purpose and living your full potential! Your "job" is to BE your true Authentic Wealthy self. To explore the world and discover what you love and to share your unique talents with others... and prosper.

This book is intended to be a manual for manifestation. A guidebook to how you and the Universe works. To show you show you how to really use affirmations to supercharge your belief, and speed of manifesting. It is also designed to take you deeper into your understanding of how your mind, energy and vision work together in perfect harmony to literally create that which you claim as yours.

Learn to use your built in systems to create more inner peace, confidence, focus, clarity, joy, and success. Adapt a new, empowering mindset, learn to choose and direct your energies and your life changes immediately. Understand how you work, how the Universe and energy works, and how to align all these systems to work together for your highest good! Empower yourself now and begin to live your dream.

Imagine in just one month, feeling ease and abundance with Money, in a way you never knew before... This book will give you the tools, understanding and empower you to choose... no one else can do it for you!

My intention is to discover the fastest, easiest and most fun way to create what we want. What goes to the core and gets results. Easy and fun and let’s enjoy life. Sound good?
So here I share my philosophy, my inspiration, my tools, and my passion. I share how to use your mind, energy and self image to create the wealth, riches, money, cash flow, income, and joy you desire.

I love meditation and active visualization. I love creating a wealthy mindset and using my mind to create the experience of wealth I love. Our mind is the gateway to our reality. We can create new habits, and neural pathways that make us magnetic to wealth. These make it easy, automatic and natural to feel, think and act as if you are already rich.

This book is to free your mind. From what you have been thinking that has not brought you what you really want. From thinking about what you don’t want. From repeating unserving, unsupportive thoughts. From doubt, fear and unbelief in your power and your worthiness.

Oh, and one more thing. Time to love yourself, allow yourself, believe in yourself and value yourself. You are unique, beautiful, talented, powerful, wealthy, interesting, valued and here for a reason. You are the only one who can live your life. Decide to live it, wealthy, now.

Free your mind, and the wealth WILL follow! Nan Akasha

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“I am already rich, I feel rich, I know I am rich,
I can see myself as rich... money loves me, money runs
to me, plays with me, stays with me”
Nan Akasha